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I understand that all comments and ideas offered by my coach are solely for the purpose of aiding me in achieving my defined goals. I have the ability to
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Raw Vegan Heroes Membership Yearly

What you'll get:

  • High Level Accountability
  • World Class Health Coaching And Detox Coaching
  • 14 Day Meal Plan: Fully Raw / High Raw / Transitional Cooked Vegan 
  • Over 60+ Recipes In An Educational Guide 
  • Shopping Lists And Kitchen Tool Recommendations
  • The Raw Vegan Hero's Success Path Video Course: How To Go From Non Vegan To Raw Vegan Hero (37 videos)
  • Training video: Achieve Exceptional Energy and Vitality With Raw Food 
  • Training video: Complete Guide To Raw Vegan Protein Sources 
  • Training Video: How To Gain Muscle As A Raw Vegan 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Private Member Forum (Off Social Media) 
  • Mobile App
  • Weekly One Hour Livestream Q&A With Shane Sterling And Guests
  • 100+ Hours Of Livestream Replays In An Easy To Access User Library
  • Monthly Community Connect Zoom Meeting
  • Bowel Detox Guide PDF Pt. 1: How To Do  A Juice Fast, Why You Need To Do One
  • Bowel Detox Guide PDF Pt. 2: How To Rebuild The Gut After A Juice Fast
  • Access To Coaching Calls with Our Trained Professional Raw Vegan Coaches
  • New Friendships
  • Mindset Support
  • Inspiration & Motivation

*There is no contract so you can cancel at anytime! No risk, no obligation, only support, witnessing and hand holding on your healing journey!

**All stages of health and diet are welcome. Raw Vegan Heroes is not a group for being perfect. There is no such thing as being perfect and it's never the goal! This is not a race and there is no where to rush forward to. We are saying yes to the hero's journey and recommitting every day to our calling! 

[***Because instant digital downloads are not returnable and the nature of coaching depends on the client’s commitment level to see the success they desire, my fees are nonrefundable. See Terms & Conditions for refund policy]

What People Are Saying:

Two Thumbs WAY up! When I found the Raw Vegan Heroes community I was absolutely overwhelmed with the value I received. This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. The juice fasting protocol, weekly livestream with Shane, and countless relationships with like-minded individuals, has been nothing short of life-changing for me. If you are even slightly considering joining and taking advantage of this opportunity, do not hesitate. Jump all in and pull the trigger NOW!


Completing an extended juice fast transformed every aspect of my life. The results that followed the fast exceeded any expectation I could have fathomed. This process allowed me to experience true freedom- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Shane and the Raw Vegan Heroes community have been key factors in my success through this journey.


The coaching, accountability and community in Raw Vegan Heroes is everything one needs to completely set themselves up to their highest potential in this life, starting with healing yourself. No matter who you are and where you are in life, you will benefit from this group. This is one of the most important communities in the world. This will change your life for the better if that is what you are seeking. This is for the true truth seeker!


I would like to say a big thank you to Shane Sterling for allowing me to join this group. At fricken last I am fully raw! And it's only taken me 10 years, amen to that! This membership is my new accountability! Thanks again!


My first juice fast was a whirlwind of an experience, but coming out the other side sent me on a tremendous transformational path over the course of 6 weeks. The clarity, energy, and drive was second to none, even had a peregrine falcon turn up, awesome! I highly recommend and thank you to Shane Sterling for being such an example!


I am so thankful that I finally pushed my fears aside and joined Raw Vegan Heroes. The juicing protocol that came with the membership is easy to understand and the Facebook group provides amazing support. My favorite part is the weekly livestreams with Shane. I’m getting so much out of them that I’m binge watching everything in the replay library, truly invaluable insights that I never expected. I feel fully supported, allowing me to focus on this amazing healing process! Thank you Shane and the Raw Vegan Heroes family!


I am truly fascinated by the truth you speak and the coping mechanisms you teach. I am astounded by your appearance as well, the beauty shining from within radiates through the external and magnetic field around you. Glow on!


I found Shane and the Raw Vegan Heroes community when I was called to juice fast. The support helps me be more organized and accountable. I find myself watching the livestream replays on moments that are hard. When I am craving bad foods I just put on a video and the inspiring words and valuable information get me through. I am so happy that this group exists!


Ever since beginning this raw vegan journey, I feel like I've grown more than ever before in my life. I am taking action steps toward the life I want to live, to heal and to prosper, as well as to live out my purpose and serve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shane for being a conduit of immense change!


I want to thank you Shane. I wish that you could help everyone but I know that’s not possible. The truth is you are helping so many people that you don’t know. I say this because what I learned from you I have shared it with others and now I am watching others get healed and healthy from juicing and raw foods. God bless you Shane!!!! Thank you for changing the world with health.


The investment in Raw Vegan Heroes membership has been so worth it, and actually even better than I expected. It's amazing to have access to a whole community of like-minded individuals, to read their experiences and advice, or even ask for specific guidance when needed. My favorite part though is the weekly Q&A livestreams that Shane does. I love the mindset-based coaching he gives at the start of each session. I pick up some golden nuggets in every single one.


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to be a part of the Raw Vegan Heroes group and for showing me this journey that is so healing for the body, mind and soul. Thank you for making is so simple and easy, for breaking it down to DOABLE parts, for making a Raw Vegan lifestyle achievable. I was going back and forth for 9 years! I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for people and how happy it makes me to see my own results! Please, please, please keep doing what you are doing! It will save many people's lives. With Love and Deep Appreciation, Luba