How To Stay Vegan When Your Family Isn’t!

🍁 Hey, we’re all feeling the pressures and social anxieties of the holiday season approaching. But what if you want to stay vegan through all of these family dinners and gatherings? Do you have the vision, commitment and tools to stay vegan when faced with traditional family recipes that go back generations? How do you handle unsupportive family members that, “just don’t get it?” Are you going to be able to hold your ground?

🎄 If you want to stay vegan this holiday season you need a reminder as to why the vegan commitment is serving you, your family and the future. Here are the tips and tools that I use to get me through any socially awkward situation! Even if you’re an expert vegan or maybe have never even tried being vegan before, this video is a must watch for everyone this holiday season. Click here:


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