Raw Vegan Heroes!

The hero must leave behind their everyday life in a known world and journey into an altogether new and unknown world.

Along the way you discover your courage, your kindness, your intuition, your self worth! When you step into your personal hero's story you become a light to yourself and an inspiration to the world!

Raw Vegan Heroes Is A Community Of Inspired Healthy Vegans!

We are the sum of who we spend the most time with! If we wish to change our lifestyle we need to surround ourselves with other like-minded individuals striving for great success! When you join Raw Vegan Heroes you get personal coaching with Shane Sterling, a community of support, weekly accountability live streams and a motivation you've never felt before. All for only $14.99 Per Month! If you need real solid support at a very low cost this is the answer!





"We have entered into into a new era of healing. So prepare for a shift into wellness. It is your divine birthright to experience health and vitality. All we have to do is remember our truth, how our biology works, and what foods support our physical and spiritual evolution" ~Shane Sterling


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