Fruit Heals All Disease!

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2021

Doctors say inflammation is the cause of disease! But it’s not true! Inflammation is only a symptom of acid waste build up in the body. So what causes acids? The answer is food! Foods like meat, milk, eggs, grains, starch, gluten, refined sugar and oil create an acidic metabolic residue which is the cause of inflammation. Acids destroy life while alkaline promotes life! If we want to stop inflammation in the body all we have to do is remove acids. This is where fruit comes in! Fruit and vegetables are alkalizing, acid neutralizing, gut healing, disease fighting food straight from mother nature!

But fruit has too much sugar people say! These same people also suffer from terrible health problems! In this video I debunk the fruit sugar myth and explain how I healed a chronic illness on a fruitarian diet, as well as found meaning, purpose and my spiritual path in life, all with the help of nature’s gentle guidance! Now working many years as a raw vegan health coach and intuitive detox guide I have learned first hand that fruit heals all disease. Don’t believe it? Watch this video and decide for yourself: 


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