The Best Raw Vegan Ranch Style Dressing Recipe!

One of the best ways to enjoy more raw foods is to have a delicious raw vegan salad dressing. This is the dressing I make to help me stay raw and eat more greens and veggies.

This dressing is fully raw, oil free, whole food, plant based and will change the way you think about eating raw food. It’s a delicious everyday go-to for a healthier body and lifestyle!!! You can make it as a dressing or a dip and works great for gatherings or parties. Click here to watch the video:

3 Reasons Not To Eat A Raw Vegan Diet!

Yes there are actually times when I would not recommend a raw vegan diet to people. Its not very often but we’re not all the same and some people require different pathways to empowerment and healing. And while most people will experience total mental, emotional and physical healing from eating a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, some people are not ready for a raw vegan diet transition! Why is that? Do we all require different diets for our body type? Or are we simply addicted to emotional eating? In this video I talk about 3 very good reasons why you might want to avoid a raw vegan diet completely!

I also talk about my recent spiritual pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta California and the angelic messages I received. Also in this video I talk about my reading from the Medical Medium, Anthony William. Click here to watch the video:

The New Earth Paradigm ✦ Healing Your Frequency With Fruit

The New Earth Paradigm Healing Your Frequency With Fruit

Nicola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

When we eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables right off the plant, the vibrational energy from the sun enters our body. We become electrically active and our diseases cease to exist. Our mind elevates, our body regenerates, we require less density in the food and less cooking to experience greater and greater benefits.

How do we create a world where no one loses and nothing is taken away from anyone? Well, it happens when we heal our frequency! Our divine presence can bless this world and this is the glimmering of our true purpose! Join me on this journey! Watch my new video, The New Earth Paradigm: Healing Your Frequency With Fruit. Click here:

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