3 Reason Why No One Should Be On A Raw Foods Diet!

Weakness, poor digestion, disease, and immune disorders make it hard sometimes to eat a raw foods diet. But does this mean we should avoid raw foods all together and eat only easy to digest foods? Some say yes! Some say no one should ever eat raw foods at all, due to them being hard to digest. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that raw foods are too YIN and put a damper on the digestive fires.

In this video I cover three reasons why some experts say we should avoid all raw foods completely including fruit and salad. Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/fHn5ujaUuAM

The Biggest Raw Vegan Struggles

This is what we’re up against:
• Our spiritual calling
• Shadow work
• Detoxification
• Societal unconsciousness
• Forging a new path
• Trusting the process
• Learning new skills
• Holding the vision not the circumstance
• Embodying vibrant health and spiritual growth
• Developing intuition
• Electrical conductivity in the cells

How do we overcome these challenges?
Watch this video and you’ll understand. The Biggest Raw Vegan Struggles: And How To Overcome Them! https://youtu.be/hAR885ZldOE 

Raw Vegan 101: Supplements, Iodine Deficiency, Coronavirus, Hair Loss, Fasting, Dental Decline

longterm raw vegan success Feb 20, 2020

When you decide to take your destiny into your own hands you inevitably come up against the limits of your health! We need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit to live into our purpose and bring our gifts to the world. Struggling with premature aging, energy loss, body pains, skin conditions all erode our self worth. But what comes first, low self worth or poor diet? If you want to get your life back you must eat foods that uplift your emotional resonance!

This video originally aired as a live stream into my group coaching membership called Raw Vegan Heroes. I am giving this as a gift to you absolutely free because I want you to be successful! I want you to regain the health and vitality you once had in your youth! In this video I have a special guest with me named Don Bennett who has been raw vegan for 26 years and vegan for 42 years. To learn all the secrets of how to be a successful raw vegan you need to watch this video: https://youtu.be/lb42eow39aU

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Being A Raw Vegan!

Life does not stand still. It keeps moving and shaking. As soon as we think we’ve got our ducks in a row, change occurs! And when it does, it’s a waste of time to feel worry or disappointment. Instead, it’s much better to ask, what can I learn from this?

I’ve been thriving on a raw vegan diet for over two years now and I have learned some valuable things that most people probably don’t know. We can either continue to hold on to what is inevitably changing, or we can just align with the way the universe works and let it go. Its up each one of us to make the connection, feel the infinite within us, and channel that wisdom through our higher self!

In this video I go over five things you may not know about being a raw vegan! Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/Q22kgpgQpMk 

Why A Raw Vegan Diet Is Not For Everyone

I was laying in bed with the lights out, almost asleep, when I had a serious understanding come to me! A raw vegan diet is not for everyone! I immediately sat up in bed, turned on the lights, and frantically wrote down all the reasons why a raw vegan diet would be difficult, impossible or dangerous for someone to attempt! 


Don’t get me wrong. I think a raw vegan diet is our species specific diet and is absolutely the most healthy, healing and nourishing diet for our brain and body! Not to mention, raw livings foods are spiritually connecting and help us develop a deeper intuition. So why would the raw vegan diet be wrong for somebody then? Click here to watch the video and find out: https://youtu.be/5YHUspIiBwI


10 Things That Happened When I Went Raw Vegan

Going raw vegan is one of the best things I have ever done! I feel like i set myself free from a deep addiction of denial and self abuse. I feel like my life is now just starting because I have a new context for everything! I am more inspired about life than ever before and I feel my contribution is more important than ever before!

But it took more work than most people might be willing to do! Transitioning to a raw vegan diet moves you through stages. There is detox, digestion, cravings and crippling self doubt! But for those who are willing to listen, the call to go raw can be a massive breakthrough to more enjoyment, emotional stability, health and abundance! So what kind of things should you expect to experience if you go raw vegan? Well, these are the 10 things that happened to me! Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/T5vp1YWtrfo

Raw Vegan Secret Revealed

raw food diet raw vegan Dec 19, 2019

If you want to be a raw vegan, or vegan, longterm this is one of the most important things to understand! We don’t get to create the life we truly want until we get past this step in our process! Most people are completely unaware this thing has to be accomplished at all.

Most will live out their entire lives and never even realize they missed it. Generations will pass and we will stay the same. Is ignorance truly bliss? Or do we have a simple mission to accomplish that we’ve all forgotten? Click here to learn the secret: https://youtu.be/AB6VmjCtQns

Problems With The Raw Vegan Diet!

Everyone, regardless of diet, is deficient in omega 3s and minerals. But If we are eating a fully plant based diet then our omega 3 and mineral intake becomes even more important. To thrive as a raw vegan we need to make sure we eat enough fats and greens so we don’t make the mistake in thinking we have to go back to eating animals.

But nutrition alone is not enough. We need to also eat for our spiritual evolution, our personal awakening and the ascension of humanity. High vibrational living plant foods provide the highest potential for our connection with the divine intelligence. Feeding our energy is critical for growth and understanding.

So what are we supposed to eat? Well the vegan diet is superior in almost every way as long as we do it right! But why are so many doing it wrong? Find out exactly how I thrive as a raw vegan and how to avoid all of the common deficiencies and mistakes that most vegans run into. Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/wVo0EA1luEc


Ready To Go Raw Vegan? 10 Common Beginner Questions!

Going raw vegan can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do in your life! Imagine feeling more connected and emotionally grounded! Imagine healing all of your nagging health problems! Imagine the purpose and fulfillment you could feel when you’re working toward a mission bigger than yourself! Well these are the kinds of miracles you experience when you eat only living foods!

One thing is for sure. We never want to underestimate the profound power of transformation that is possible when we change our diet to foods that no longer poison us. Our energy, creativity and intelligence will soar! Our kindness and intuition will increase. Our anger, anxiety and resentments will all fall away. With the help of a raw vegan diet we can finally become the humans we were meant to be! And it’s beautiful! Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/hGRUzkph1k4



Raw Vegan Affirmations!

Eating more raw food makes us feel amazing! But eating 100% raw food begins to restore our relationship with God and Mother Nature, our DNA, our genetic lineage, and all of our biological functions. However, cravings, food addictions and emotional eating can derail us from experiencing the greatest gifts life has to offer. If you struggle with cooked foods, comfort foods, fatty foods, starchy foods, processed foods, try using these daily affirmations to reprogram your mindset.

These are the affirmations I say to myself every single day when I am feeling weak or having cravings. This is what I say to myself as I eat salad when everybody else is eating take-out. This is how I keep my mindset strong and on purpose. This is how I coach myself through self doubt and temptation.

1. I am harmonizing with natural law.

2. I am filling my temple with God’s love.

3. I am embracing and redefining my relationship with non-violence.

4. I am cleansing my...


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