Emotional Healing On A Raw Vegan Diet!

So many of us use food as a way to numb ourselves out and avoid the pain and discomfort of life. So what happens when we go raw vegan and have to face our feelings? We have an emotional detox! Some call it a healing crisis but it’s important to realize that healing is mostly emotional.

When we face our pain and allow ourselves to feel what we don’t want to feel we are healing, we are growing, we are evolving. There is nothing more you need to do in your life right now that stop using food to numb out and finally face your shadow! This is what warriors do. This is awakening in 5D consciousness. If you are ready to heal yourself and offer the world your gifts I highly recommend you watch this video: 


Why Every Raw Vegan Will Train Wreck!

Healing is messy business! You’re going to have a train wreck. But look, it’s better than staying stuck where you are! Personal development is messy! Self improvement is messy! You want to heal? You want to lose weight? You want to be inspiring? You want to be healthy and energized? Then eat a raw vegan diet and raise your standards!
No one ever achieves success and looks good doing it. Ask yourself, what are you willing to risk to have the life you truly want? What food addiction are you willing to give up to have the health you deserve? I promise you one thing, a raw vegan diet is worth the train wreck. Watch this video to learn more about how getting messy will heal you!

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