Cooked Food Is Keeping You From Healing!

👉Your health problems won’t go away as long as you are eating any amount of cooked food. When a health crisis arises many people will make immediate changes like going plant-based, having more raw food, taking supplements. But that isn’t enough for the body to be able to heal. You need to go fully raw vegan if you want to see real results fast!
Inflammatory disorders like fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, chronic fatigue, IBS, eczema, acne, colitis, and even gas and bloating are not going to get better with small lifestyle changes. The body requires full commitment to raw foods with zero cooked foods in order to start eliminating properly. And the body needs this for a minimum of 2 years! If you’ve gone plant-based for health reasons but still have problems you need to watch video! Click here:

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