Detoxing—Healing The Gut And Immune System With Raw Food

Detox is opening the channels of elimination in the body, primarily the bowels and lymph. Since our digestive system has atrophied over generations from a low fiber diet we must build up digestive strength slowly over time in order to handle the food that will heal us.

We have to remember the immune system is the gut! If you have digestion issues, inflammation, Immune disorders, thyroid disorders, it is all caused from the same root problem, toxicity and acidosis from poor elimination! We must detox out all chemicals and biofilms from our GI tract as a first step to healing all major disorders!

Healing is big work because when we heal ourselves we heal the world! Do you have a calling to go raw vegan? Now is the time to act! It will only get more painful if you don’t listen. Detoxification is the cheapest form of health insurance and highly worth the effort. If you want to learn how to detox and heal the gut and immune system watch this video:


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