Things I Lost Because I Went Raw Vegan

illusions losing raw vegan May 14, 2020

Eating raw food brings light consciousness into our mind. While our body rejoices and basks in the living nutrients, water and whole fiber, it is the cells in our brain and throughout our body that are actually receiving electron particles that contain packets of coded light information for our DNA to reproduce and evolve. These conscious, living, electron particles help to connect our limited dualistic consciousness to the universal mind of ONENESS that helps us see our divine destiny as majestic earth angels and ambassadors of light.

However, when we first start to eat more raw living foods we don’t feel so majestic. We can struggle with feelings of grief, shame and fear as we break energetic contracts to our mental and emotional past. We can actually feel like we are losing things, losing aspects of our self that we don’t want to lose. In my newest video I talk about all the things I lost because I went raw vegan! Click here to watch the video: ...


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