The Truth Behind Eating Disorders And A Raw Vegan Diet!

An eating disorder is putting anything in your mouth and thinking there is no consequence! Every food choice we make is either nourishing to our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, or it is not! We are told restrictive eating is the problem and leads to eating disorders but as we all know rules, parameters, limits and boundaries around anything we do is essential to create massive success! It is no different when it comes to eating!
We must restrict certain food in a healthy way if we want to experience exceptional wellbeing in our mind, body and soul. The first step is to eliminate artificial ingredients, then limit or remove cooked fats, then animal products, then overly cooked foods and begin to focus on whole raw foods that are un-denatured!
Ignorant people living in fear will call a raw vegan diet an eating disorder when in reality it is the only true path to abundant health and spiritual fulfillment. Click here to watch my new video on YouTube titled, The...

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