How To Build Muscle On A Raw Vegan Diet!

Building muscle isn’t about how you look but about how you feel! When you feel strong and confident you are a better leader for yourself and others! And, building muscle doesn’t require a lot of protein like we are told! All we need to build muscle is a vision, raw food, lifting weights and a very clean digestive tract to ensure proper absorption and utilization of our nutrition! In fact we can build muscle easier if we are 100% raw vegan because the food is whole, the gut is clean and our focus is clear!

We don’t want to mistake the image of muscularity with health! Most muscular people are not healthy at all! In fact the genetic potential of most people to put on muscle mass is very modest without steroids. The real goal of building muscle should be strength, radiant health, excellent mindset, work ethic and unstoppable confidence! And this is most easily achieved with a raw vegan diet. To learn more click the video: 


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