48 Year Old Raw Vegan Looks 30 // Anti-Aging Diet Secrets!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Eating cooked food is the culprit! Our body is designed for raw foods so when we eat denatured food like beans, rice, bread, meat and dairy, it bogs down our system and accelerates fatigue and premature aging!
Just a few years ago I was overweight, I had bad skin, I had inflammation issues in my joints, I was tired all the time! I was literally so sick! Raw foods saved my life and recovered my health. Today I am 48 years old and people tell me i look like I am 30. But you know what? I feel like i’m 16 again! You can have energy again too if you’re ready! Watch this video to learn how raw foods can help you roll back the clock 20 years!

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