#1 Reason Why Raw Food Heals All Sickness!

Pressure in the bowels creates a back-up in the elimination system. Any food that digests slowly or does not promote the cleanliness of the blood, bowels and lymph is basically contributing to disease! The biggest culprits are cooked fats, low fiber foods like meat, dairy and eggs, and of course denatured food (cooked food!)
But what you might not realize is that if divine-energy (life force, or pranic energy) is not freely flowing through us we also get backed up. Emotional distress, anxiety, fear, anger, repressed emotions, all of these equally contribute to disease. No matter how you slice it pressure in our system is chaos! If you’d like to know more about this extremely overlooked component of health click here for my new video on Youtube, #1 Reason Why Raw Food Heals All Sickness!

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