#1 Reason Why Raw Food Heals All Sickness!

Pressure in the bowels creates a back-up in the elimination system. Any food that digests slowly or does not promote the cleanliness of the blood, bowels and lymph is basically contributing to disease! The biggest culprits are cooked fats, low fiber foods like meat, dairy and eggs, and of course denatured food (cooked food!)
But what you might not realize is that if divine-energy (life force, or pranic energy) is not freely flowing through us we also get backed up. Emotional distress, anxiety, fear, anger, repressed emotions, all of these equally contribute to disease. No matter how you slice it pressure in our system is chaos! If you’d like to know more about this extremely overlooked component of health click here for my new video on Youtube, #1 Reason Why Raw Food Heals All Sickness!

3 Years Raw Vegan // What I’ve Learned!

I used to buy into the image that masculine men ate meat. I was convinced by the marketing that if I ate tons of eggs and beef and lifted weights I would look like a real man. But all I ever got from that was bad gut problems, dandruff, joint pain, anger issues and a marriage that was on the rocks.
So I decided to drop all that and learn how to truly keep my body and mind healthy. A plant based diet was the first step but ultimately bread, pasta, tortillas, grains and potatoes never made me feel good. When I discovered whole raw foods I was hooked. I became a 100% raw vegan overnight and cured my dandruff and joint pain. I became kind and thoughtful again and now my wife likes me a lot better!! I just hit my 3 year raw vegan anniversary so i’d like to share with you the most important things I have learned on my journey. Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/E-UWa-nPlWc

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