My First Week On A Raw Vegan Diet // What I Learned!

We always hear that raw fruits and vegetables make us healthy. So I asked myself what would happen if I ate only raw fruits and vegetables, would I get even more healthy? I decided to try a raw vegan diet for a week and this is what happened! Click here to watch the video:

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Juice Fasting!

You are struggling with poor digestion whether you realize it or not! Everybody is! The average American has 12 to 15 meals inside of them at any given time, and carries around an extra 20 to 30 pounds of pure waste inside the GI tract. 45% of Americans are nutrient deficient which means we are not absorbing our food properly! You might find this hard to believe but if you were to do an extended juice fast for yourself you would see the cesspool inside!
Juice fasting has gained popularity since the 1970’s with juicing gurus like Jack LaLanne and Paul Bragg but the truth remains, millions of Americans suffer with chronic diseases that can easily be reversed by incorporating juice fasting. I have been a juice fast coach since 2017 and have helped hundreds of people through their own juice fasting experience. In this video I cover the top 10 most frequently asked questions I hear from beginners. Click here to watch the video:

7 Signs You Need To Do A Juice Fast!

People suffer needlessly from chronic illness because they don’t understand one simple thing, how the body works! And the mainstream medical narrative makes it worse by pushing their pharmaceuticals and antibiotics to cover up the symptoms.

Look, our body is infinitely wise! It knows how to heal, how to detox, how to stay disease free! All we have to do is get our of our own way! The best way to assist the body in healing is to stop eating garbage food and clean out the gut. If you have any current health issues that your doctor says has no cure you should listen up! Here are seven signs that you need to do a juice fast! Click here to watch the video: 


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