The Deadliest Disease Known To Man — How To Cure It!

This is the most important topic on health in the world today! Medical science is just beginning to acknowledge that inflammation is the root cause of many diseases. But inflammation is just a symptom itself! What causes inflammation? If we can answer this question we can understand the root cause of all disease. We have to realize that allopathic medicine gives all these different names like IBS, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, Lupus which are all just different symptoms of inflammation!

So why is it that we call the same problem by different names? That is because we have yet to uncover the deadliest disease ever known to mankind! In this video I reveal what that disease is and how to cure it once and for all! Click here to watch the video: 

Raw Vegan Diet — Highly Intelligent Or Highly Stupid?

We think we’re pretty smart. Our society loves protein and fatty foods and it’s trendy to be “thicc” right? We think raw vegans must be crazy! Who wants to be skinny, weak and malnourished right?

But are we missing something? Why are we all so sick? Why are we all so violent? We certainly don’t see degenerative diseases or exploitation in nature. But then science tells us eating meat has made our brains bigger. So which is it? Intelligence or stupidity? We need to know the answer!!! Watch this video to find out for yourself:

Detoxing—Healing The Gut And Immune System With Raw Food

Detox is opening the channels of elimination in the body, primarily the bowels and lymph. Since our digestive system has atrophied over generations from a low fiber diet we must build up digestive strength slowly over time in order to handle the food that will heal us.

We have to remember the immune system is the gut! If you have digestion issues, inflammation, Immune disorders, thyroid disorders, it is all caused from the same root problem, toxicity and acidosis from poor elimination! We must detox out all chemicals and biofilms from our GI tract as a first step to healing all major disorders!

Healing is big work because when we heal ourselves we heal the world! Do you have a calling to go raw vegan? Now is the time to act! It will only get more painful if you don’t listen. Detoxification is the cheapest form of health insurance and highly worth the effort. If you want to learn how to detox and heal the gut and immune system watch this video:

7 Nutrients That You Can’t Get From Plants

A plant based diet is a very healthy way of eating. It's linked to many health benefits including a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

However there are certain nutrients that are difficult or even impossible to get on a plant based diet. Therefore it is very important that we are aware of how we are getting these nutrients in order to maintain health and physical performance.

Here are 7 nutrients commonly lacking in a plant based diet. Click here to watch the video:

Success vs Failure // Raw Vegan Diet

failure raw vegan success May 14, 2020

In this video I go over the six major components of why people either succeed or fail on a raw vegan diet. Most people are not aware of these strategies or follow them which is why most people are not raw vegan. It’s also true that most people have health complications and die of preventable diet related diseases. There is absolutely no reason to suffer with any health problem at all, we just need to find our freedom within the structure of a natural diet.

The amazing thing is when we do this, we not only get health benefits, we get mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. When our vessel is clean we have a harmonious relationship with the world around us. This means we can develop better intuition, deeper empathy, more emotional intelligence, a bigger vision for our future. All of this from simply learning how to thrive on a raw vegan diet. So let’s go over the six major differences between success and failure! Click here to watch the video: ...

Things I Lost Because I Went Raw Vegan

illusions losing raw vegan May 14, 2020

Eating raw food brings light consciousness into our mind. While our body rejoices and basks in the living nutrients, water and whole fiber, it is the cells in our brain and throughout our body that are actually receiving electron particles that contain packets of coded light information for our DNA to reproduce and evolve. These conscious, living, electron particles help to connect our limited dualistic consciousness to the universal mind of ONENESS that helps us see our divine destiny as majestic earth angels and ambassadors of light.

However, when we first start to eat more raw living foods we don’t feel so majestic. We can struggle with feelings of grief, shame and fear as we break energetic contracts to our mental and emotional past. We can actually feel like we are losing things, losing aspects of our self that we don’t want to lose. In my newest video I talk about all the things I lost because I went raw vegan! Click here to watch the video: ...

Saying I'll Be Raw Vegan Forever Feels Scary

healing journey raw vegan May 14, 2020

A raw vegan diet can be the most uplifting, heart connecting, mind expanding, soul healing experience of your life! But a lot of people struggle with eating healthier. Cravings and emotional eating habits can really derail a raw vegan diet quickly.

We have to understand there is a natural timeline to our healing journey and we need to work with our body not against it. Some people try Raw Till 4. Some people try High Raw. Some people just beat themselves up because they cant stick with it and it just kills them!

Step number 1—Do not beat yourself up! I know it can feel scary to think about going raw vegan forever! But that’s not what you need to do first! You need to watch this video and I’ll share some ideas that might really help you! Click here to watch the video:

What Supplements Are Necessary On A Raw Vegan Diet?

Some people say our food has everything we need and we don’t need to take supplements at all. Other people say our soil is deficient and we absolutely need to take supplements to replace the missing nutrients.

So which is it? In this video we examine the truth about supplements and what you need to do to protect yourself from nutritional deficiencies. Click here to watch the video:

How A Raw Vegan Thinks And Acts

It just so happens to be how brave people think and act, also how truthful and helpful people think and act, how survivors, healers, visionaries, lovers and givers think and act!

I am talking about surviving this new era for humans that is upon us now. The information age, the ascension age, the overpopulation age, the imbalanced economy age, the age of corruption and lies, the age of enlightenment and higher purpose. How are we supposed get through this? Well this is how we are going to have to think and act to thrive in the new era! Click here to watch the video:

COVID-19 | A Sacrifice For Our Future

Sickness, plague, pestilence and viruses are the result of domesticating animals 10,000 years ago. Now we have developed a devilish taste for their flesh and fluids. Before the domestication of animals there were no viruses, there were no plagues. We have brought this upon ourselves! We must ask ourselves, is our future worth more than our addictive food pleasures?

The enemy is carnism and the ideology of violence that we have been indoctrinated into. It’s not your fault because you were born innocent. But now we must join forces against the common enemy of dirty factory farms, dirty meat and dirty ways of living! We have the solution right in front of us and I offer it to you right now. Watch this video to learn what it is! Click here!


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