Reality Check: 5 Risks Of Raw Vegan Diet

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2019

On the road to good health, there are many forks. Some paths, such as vegetarianism have considerable science supporting them. Others, such as the vegan diet, which eliminates all animal products including eggs and dairy, are quickly gaining popularity. And then there's the raw vegan diet, which considers cooking to be a contributing factor to the health crisis humanity is experiencing today. 

But on your road to good health, the raw vegan diet could pose some challenges. If you are already vegan or vegetarian, you have to ask yourself, what will I gain or lose by going raw. Even doctors who have been slow to prescribe the plant based diet are still skeptical of attempting a raw diet. Most people know the "regular" vegan diet can be healthy, while the raw vegan diet can be dangerous, as explained by these five risks of the raw philosophy. Click here to watch the video:

Problems With The Raw Vegan Diet!

Everyone, regardless of diet, is deficient in omega 3s and minerals. But If we are eating a fully plant based diet then our omega 3 and mineral intake becomes even more important. To thrive as a raw vegan we need to make sure we eat enough fats and greens so we don’t make the mistake in thinking we have to go back to eating animals.

But nutrition alone is not enough. We need to also eat for our spiritual evolution, our personal awakening and the ascension of humanity. High vibrational living plant foods provide the highest potential for our connection with the divine intelligence. Feeding our energy is critical for growth and understanding.

So what are we supposed to eat? Well the vegan diet is superior in almost every way as long as we do it right! But why are so many doing it wrong? Find out exactly how I thrive as a raw vegan and how to avoid all of the common deficiencies and mistakes that most vegans run into. Click here to watch the video:


Raw Vegans Get Attacked For Telling The Truth!

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2019

Non-violence is our future! Anything that promotes the well being of all life is essential for the evolution of our species. And yet those who speak the truth get attacked. So may leaders, politicians, humanitarians, artists, philosophers, scientists, and scholars have promoted a meat-free diet. What is it taking us so long to catch up? Why do so many still ignore this spiritual truth in plain sight?

This video is about those who stand up to the anger, hate and violence, those who speak the truth regardless of the consequences! This video is about dealing with unconsciousness, ignorance and fear that dominates this world. Click here to watch:

How To Stay Vegan When Your Family Isn’t!

Hey, we’re all feeling the pressures and social anxieties of the holiday season approaching. But what if you want to stay vegan through all of these family dinners and gatherings? Do you have the vision, commitment and tools to stay vegan when faced with traditional family recipes that go back generations? How do you handle unsupportive family members that, “just don’t get it?” Are you going to be able to hold your ground?

If you want to stay vegan this holiday season you need a reminder as to why the vegan commitment is serving you, your family and the future. Here are the tips and tools that I use to get me through any socially awkward situation! Even if you’re an expert vegan or maybe have never even tried being vegan before, this video is a must watch for everyone this holiday season. Click here:

Raw Vegan For Two Years: What I’ve Learned!

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2019

These are the top ten most glaringly obvious things that have really stood out to me during my second year as a 100% raw vegan.

Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know! Personal experience is the only real wisdom and knowledge in this world and I’ve learned some crazy a$$ things over the last year!

Some of you may disagree! Some of you may get angry at me but this is what it is! Click here to watch the video:

Evil is real because evil enslaves!

Evil is not darkness and it is not a frightening unknown. Evil is not some mystical psychology of man, nor is it inherent in our nature. It is not supernatural, and it most definitely exists.

As with all principles, the principle of evil is simple. Evil is the destruction of freedom. When free, we can build glory, peace, prosperity and joy in the world. Around us we will find all these things. Men and women and all living beings naturally build these things into their life.

Evil enslaves! Slavery exists wherever the freedom of a living being is destroyed. Evil is found in words such as force, compulsion, violence, theft, control, taxes, politics, confinement, exploitation. Notice that in such things, there is no joy. None have any value to humanity!

Evil compels us to behave in a manner that does not benefit us or those we love. It skews our ability to align our values and actions. Now, take a moment to think about how evil has affected the choices you make and the way you live...

Quick And Easy Raw Vegan Hemp Milk Recipe!

I support those who have been called to go raw! I support those who have been called to go vegan! I support those who are experiencing an awakening in their life! We’re all going to wake up eventually but some of us will wake up sooner than others!

Ive been making plant based milk recipes at home for 29 years! Of all the milks I’ve ever made there is one that is the quickest, the easiest, the most nutritious, and the tastiest! It only takes 2 minutes to make and is full of protein, calcium, omega-3, vitamins and minerals. Nothing could be easier and it supports a cruelty free, plant based, healthy, raw vegan lifestyle! If you want to see how to make this amazing milk watch the video!

Click here:

Ready To Go Raw Vegan? 10 Common Beginner Questions!

Going raw vegan can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do in your life! Imagine feeling more connected and emotionally grounded! Imagine healing all of your nagging health problems! Imagine the purpose and fulfillment you could feel when you’re working toward a mission bigger than yourself! Well these are the kinds of miracles you experience when you eat only living foods!

One thing is for sure. We never want to underestimate the profound power of transformation that is possible when we change our diet to foods that no longer poison us. Our energy, creativity and intelligence will soar! Our kindness and intuition will increase. Our anger, anxiety and resentments will all fall away. With the help of a raw vegan diet we can finally become the humans we were meant to be! And it’s beautiful! Click here to watch the video:



The Best Source Of Omega-3?

Organic chia seeds have the highest percentage of omega-3 fatty acids of any food on the planet. One tablespoons of organic chia seeds has the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids found in 9 ounces of salmon, without any of the mercury, pesticides, PCBs, or destructive commercial fishing. Chia seeds are also a superior source of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, manganese, trace minerals, micro nutrients and fiber.

Chia seeds are readily available, inexpensive, and a delicious addition to juices or smoothies! And as a plant, chia is a far more sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids than fish. Let’s stop waging war on our oceans and the animals. It’s easier than ever to make simple choices that are in alignment with the future we truly wish to see for our world!

The amazing power of chia seeds:
1. Lowers inflammation
2. Fights depression and anxiety
3. Promotes brain health
4. Reduces risk for heart disease
5. Fights autoimmune diseases
6. Improves mental...

Raw Vegan Affirmations!

Eating more raw food makes us feel amazing! But eating 100% raw food begins to restore our relationship with God and Mother Nature, our DNA, our genetic lineage, and all of our biological functions. However, cravings, food addictions and emotional eating can derail us from experiencing the greatest gifts life has to offer. If you struggle with cooked foods, comfort foods, fatty foods, starchy foods, processed foods, try using these daily affirmations to reprogram your mindset.

These are the affirmations I say to myself every single day when I am feeling weak or having cravings. This is what I say to myself as I eat salad when everybody else is eating take-out. This is how I keep my mindset strong and on purpose. This is how I coach myself through self doubt and temptation.

1. I am harmonizing with natural law.

2. I am filling my temple with God’s love.

3. I am embracing and redefining my relationship with non-violence.

4. I am cleansing my...

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