Fruit Heals All Disease!

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2021

Doctors say inflammation is the cause of disease! But it’s not true! Inflammation is only a symptom of acid waste build up in the body. So what causes acids? The answer is food! Foods like meat, milk, eggs, grains, starch, gluten, refined sugar and oil create an acidic metabolic residue which is the cause of inflammation. Acids destroy life while alkaline promotes life! If we want to stop inflammation in the body all we have to do is remove acids. This is where fruit comes in! Fruit and vegetables are alkalizing, acid neutralizing, gut healing, disease fighting food straight from mother nature!

But fruit has too much sugar people say! These same people also suffer from terrible health problems! In this video I debunk the fruit sugar myth and explain how I healed a chronic illness on a fruitarian diet, as well as found meaning, purpose and my spiritual path in life, all with the help of nature’s gentle guidance! Now working many years as a raw vegan health coach and...

10 Raw Foods To Heal Every Disease!

If you or someone you know has an incurable illness you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to say. Most people think eating healthy includes an occasional piece of fruit or a salad with your meat. But in reality the body does not do well with cooked food and eating it leads to chronic degenerative conditions. Simple raw meals of fruits and greens can reverse illness in as little as 30 days.

A raw vegan diet is a safe, natural and effective method for healing illness and this is because of the detoxifying effects of raw food in the digestive system and lymphatic system. If you are interested in learning more about how to use raw foods for healing then i highly recommend you watch this video, 10 Raw Foods To Heal Every Disease: Click here to watch: 

How To Build Muscle On A Raw Vegan Diet!

Building muscle isn’t about how you look but about how you feel! When you feel strong and confident you are a better leader for yourself and others! And, building muscle doesn’t require a lot of protein like we are told! All we need to build muscle is a vision, raw food, lifting weights and a very clean digestive tract to ensure proper absorption and utilization of our nutrition! In fact we can build muscle easier if we are 100% raw vegan because the food is whole, the gut is clean and our focus is clear!

We don’t want to mistake the image of muscularity with health! Most muscular people are not healthy at all! In fact the genetic potential of most people to put on muscle mass is very modest without steroids. The real goal of building muscle should be strength, radiant health, excellent mindset, work ethic and unstoppable confidence! And this is most easily achieved with a raw vegan diet. To learn more click the video: 

💊Get Off Meds With A Raw Vegan Diet!

A former client just sent me an amazingly abundant care package of raw foods as a thank you, and a letter explaining the profound healing she has experienced since coming off of medication! As a coach my goal has always been to help others see the potential within themselves to heal naturally! When we feel encouraged and supported anything is possible including getting off pharmaceuticals after 20 years of dependency!
If you are someone who has deep anxiety from the medications you are taking this is a must watch video for you! Learn how someone just like yourself used the power of juice fasting and raw food to completely come off a cocktail of meds. Click here to watch the video:

#1 Reason Why Raw Food Heals All Sickness!

Pressure in the bowels creates a back-up in the elimination system. Any food that digests slowly or does not promote the cleanliness of the blood, bowels and lymph is basically contributing to disease! The biggest culprits are cooked fats, low fiber foods like meat, dairy and eggs, and of course denatured food (cooked food!)
But what you might not realize is that if divine-energy (life force, or pranic energy) is not freely flowing through us we also get backed up. Emotional distress, anxiety, fear, anger, repressed emotions, all of these equally contribute to disease. No matter how you slice it pressure in our system is chaos! If you’d like to know more about this extremely overlooked component of health click here for my new video on Youtube, #1 Reason Why Raw Food Heals All Sickness!

The Truth Behind Eating Disorders And A Raw Vegan Diet!

An eating disorder is putting anything in your mouth and thinking there is no consequence! Every food choice we make is either nourishing to our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, or it is not! We are told restrictive eating is the problem and leads to eating disorders but as we all know rules, parameters, limits and boundaries around anything we do is essential to create massive success! It is no different when it comes to eating!
We must restrict certain food in a healthy way if we want to experience exceptional wellbeing in our mind, body and soul. The first step is to eliminate artificial ingredients, then limit or remove cooked fats, then animal products, then overly cooked foods and begin to focus on whole raw foods that are un-denatured!
Ignorant people living in fear will call a raw vegan diet an eating disorder when in reality it is the only true path to abundant health and spiritual fulfillment. Click here to watch my new video on YouTube titled, The...

Emotional Healing On A Raw Vegan Diet!

So many of us use food as a way to numb ourselves out and avoid the pain and discomfort of life. So what happens when we go raw vegan and have to face our feelings? We have an emotional detox! Some call it a healing crisis but it’s important to realize that healing is mostly emotional.

When we face our pain and allow ourselves to feel what we don’t want to feel we are healing, we are growing, we are evolving. There is nothing more you need to do in your life right now that stop using food to numb out and finally face your shadow! This is what warriors do. This is awakening in 5D consciousness. If you are ready to heal yourself and offer the world your gifts I highly recommend you watch this video: 

Juice Fast // Top 5 Pros And Cons

Juice fasting is not a diet! It’s not a cleanse! It’s is not a lifestyle! It’s not for weight loss! Juice fasting is a temporary intervention protocol used to empty the GI tract of all mucous and biofilms in order to help the body transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle. You only need to do a juice fast one time if you do it properly and maintain a healthy diet afterwards. It is raw foods that heal us, juice fasting simply clears the way!
Detoxing the bowels has some serious consequences and some serious benefits. In this video I talk about the top 5 reasons a juice fast will benefit your life and the top 5 dangers to be prepared for. If you are someone who is sick, fatigued, inflamed, irritable, anxious, or depressed a juice fast will cure these disorders along with other lifestyle changes. To learn more about the pros and cons of doing a juice fast click this video:

48 Year Old Raw Vegan Looks 30 // Anti-Aging Diet Secrets!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Eating cooked food is the culprit! Our body is designed for raw foods so when we eat denatured food like beans, rice, bread, meat and dairy, it bogs down our system and accelerates fatigue and premature aging!
Just a few years ago I was overweight, I had bad skin, I had inflammation issues in my joints, I was tired all the time! I was literally so sick! Raw foods saved my life and recovered my health. Today I am 48 years old and people tell me i look like I am 30. But you know what? I feel like i’m 16 again! You can have energy again too if you’re ready! Watch this video to learn how raw foods can help you roll back the clock 20 years!

Why Every Raw Vegan Will Train Wreck!

Healing is messy business! You’re going to have a train wreck. But look, it’s better than staying stuck where you are! Personal development is messy! Self improvement is messy! You want to heal? You want to lose weight? You want to be inspiring? You want to be healthy and energized? Then eat a raw vegan diet and raise your standards!
No one ever achieves success and looks good doing it. Ask yourself, what are you willing to risk to have the life you truly want? What food addiction are you willing to give up to have the health you deserve? I promise you one thing, a raw vegan diet is worth the train wreck. Watch this video to learn more about how getting messy will heal you!
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